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My parents met in Texas, but I grew up in Eugene, OR where I graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.
I was recruited to Colorado in 1998 and moved to Castle Rock in 2001, where I have since gotten married and begun raising two children.
I have worked as a senior IT professional at non-profits, fortune 30 companies and for myself. I greatly prefer the autonomy and flexibility of running my own company. My company is all about data from analytics to action.
I am running because I believe this is a singularly important election which will impact the direction of our Town forever. I will continue to advocate for the weak mayor system so that Castle Rock can maintain it’s ability to plan long term without partisan disruptions.
I currently serve on the Town of Castle Rock Planning Commission, and have previously served as the Chair for Castle Rock Water Commission, Design and Rewards Committee, Vision 2030, Town academy and Citizen Police Academy. In addition I currently serve as a Community Safety Volunteer with the Castle Rock Police Department.


Why am I running for Mayor of Castle Rock

Slander Begins!

Good evening, I was made aware of some posts made on Facebook today that either have been deleted or that I am simply blocked form viewing. The significance of these comments was that I was against the elected position and that I am disingenuous and self-serving for volunteering to serve my community in the new …


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