Slander Begins!

Good evening,

I was made aware of some posts made on Facebook today that either has been deleted or that I am simply blocked from viewing.

The significance of these comments was that I was against the elected position and that I am disingenuous and self-serving for volunteering to serve my community in the new reality of direct elections.

To be clear, I did sign the petition to put the elected mayor to a popular vote.

However, I did have many concerns with the referendum as it was written. My biggest issues were 1) that the referendum did not adequately address all the instances of Town Code that would be impacted by such a change and that could be abused by people with in-depth experience with the municipal charter, and that 2) this was an issue that could be civilly addressed (and possibly resolved) if Town Council would simply allow public comments and input when they made their decision and that calling a series of special elections would be costly to the town and the citizens and there might be better ways of addressing the concerns.

In regards to issue 1, this has been proven accurate in the continued delays by the town and the special committee appointed to review the new law and to make recommendations on how to move forward. The committee that oversaw the review of mayoral requirements and ultimate recommendation to Town Council was led by George Teal and chaired by Randy Reed. I did apply to contribute to this committee but was not selected by the Town Council representatives, to whom I honestly expressed my reservations about a direct election, but emphasized my desire to assist the Town as it made the transition.

In regards to Town Council civility regarding public input, the council has had many years and many instances to be more open and transparent with the public on their elections (see side-note below) but under past and current councils, the representatives have declined to be inclusive or transparent.

Side-note: The Mayor election of Council members is a secret ballot, no councilman is held accountable or visible on their choice for mayor. The “unanimous” election results that have been published are council members unanimously confirming the RESULTS of the secret ballot, not their positions themselves. And it is this level of skulduggery that I am volunteering myself to try and go in and address and fix. Am I perfect? No. Have I changed my mind on issues as I have been educated and learned more? absolutely.

If the tone of the election continues down this path I’m sure I’ll receive many questions on my positions. Chances are we won’t agree 100% of the time. But if there is ever a question as to my thoughts, or actions I will be happy to address them directly. I will not hide behind an anonymous site and slander any candidates. As I have stated before I hope this election can be about issues and policies, and the differences on approaches and priorities among the candidates, but so far I am the only person who has offered anything beyond “Hey remember me? I’m running!”

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  1. Will you post each question and your response that you receive? Of course, only the civil questions and/or ones appropriate for your site. Thank you.

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