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Below is what I was sent to complete for the Castle Rock News-Press

Please answer the background questions and the five questions below that. When answering, it is important that you stick to the word limit posted to the right of the question. If your answers are too long, editors will trim them. Please return this questionnaire to us by 5 p.m. Thursday, September 13, and include a high-resolution headshot of yourself.


Profession: IT Consultant, semi-professional volunteer

How long have you lived in town?  Approximately 20 years

Campaign website:

Questions for mayoral candidates

Why are you seeking this office? (Answer in 75 words or fewer.)

I want my kids to love this town as much as I do.  I have spent the last decade learning and volunteering locally.  My friends all around town asked me to run since I am about solving problems, not about politics or drama.  This is a big change for Castle Rock, and I want to make sure we get this right.

What makes you the best choice for this office? (Answer in 75 words or fewer.)

My knowledge of Castle Rock is current and town wide.  I am informed, I am engaged, and I listen to everyone who cares about this community.  I want to solve problems, I want to prepare the Town for the future (municipal broadband, public safety, transportation).   I am the educated and experienced voice for a whole Castle Rock that is moving forward, not looking back.

What are the most important duties of the mayor? (Answer in 75 words or fewer.)

The single most important duty is to have an effective working relationship with their fellow council members.  A mayor must be able to manage the agenda and personalities to make sure that the business of the town stays timely, accurate and transparent.  They also need to be an ambassador to get everyone else excited about Castle Rock so that everyone wants to be a part of our Vision.

What should be done to ensure a high quality of life for residents as the town’s population continues to grow? (Answer in 75 words or fewer.)

More at

We must be smarter about how we grow. Strong boards, and smart zoning guidelines with citizen transparency and engagement.

Acquiring and using water need to be smart, engaged choices. Choices, actions and behaviors should determine the water bill. We need to make changes to landscaping, and irrigation.

For over 15 years growth has been the #1 concern of our residents. Our Council needs to be accountable and transparent to Citizens.

What will your top priority be if you are elected to this office? (Answer in 75 words or fewer.)

Rebuilding public trust that their elected officials are in office to serve the citizens of Castle Rock.

Beyond that reengaging and empowering Boards and Commissions, exploring municipal broadband, and listening.  In the end everyone wants Castle Rock to be a better place with their contributions, so let’s have some conversations about how all the parties in Castle Rock can effectively engage.

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