Social Media in 2018

Social Media and all the noise that surrounds it is unavoidable, but very educational.

So first, because I don’t say this enough: If you like what I have to say, please like and share with your friends.  With 65,000 people in Castle Rock a few shares go a long way.  Please share all my posts, it does matter.

But the bigger question I get (or am texted, messaged, emailed) is why do I not respond to other Facebook groups questions, message threads etc.?

My Facebook page is public, and anyone can post a message or question.  I am fortunate that I have not had to moderate any uncivil discourse on my page that other admins have had to endure, I would much rather talk and chat with people than be an FB admin guy.  My website is also open to public discourse, but it’s not as instantaneous as Facebook.  Use whichever you are comfortable with.

At the most basic level, it’s because there are a lot of sites, and I’m not a member of many of them.  I am selective on what I read, so there are many sites that speak to a lot of people, that I am just not part of that active day to day community.  I have stated before, I am not interested in partisan rhetoric, I tend to follow sites that are more community focused and discussion oriented, rather than echo chambers for either side. 

I do follow a lot of cooking sites, I love good cooking tips, and they are usually drama free.

But there are bigger picture reasons for why it’s important for candidates to not post on other sites.

When an individual who is in a public office, or is a candidate for a government office, all their comments and posts become subject to FOIA requests.  If a candidate posts an eloquent position paper, and then legal issues arise there can be legal problems if a 3rd party site has deleted the post.

With a Council structure like Castle Rock, even 4 council members who comment on the same topic could be in violation of open meeting laws.

Finally, many items that I see in Planning Commission that go onto Town Council are Quasi-Judicial in nature, meaning that any discussion of them outside the public record is an ethics violation.

Therefore all of my posts will be available on my website and on my Facebook page both sites where I am the sole admin.

For additional reading on this topic, I recommend the Colorado Municipal League white paper.

So again, please share my posts, and I encourage everyone to ask me questions here.

Or if you want to show even more proactive support, please repost my answers when the same questions keep showing up, even though they have been asked and answered.  My sites will always have my words.

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