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2018 Election:

Castle Rock Candidate Questionnaire

Candidate Name: Charles Fletcher III

Seat: Mayor At Large

Phone: 303-562-6376



Campaign Manager:                                    Charles Fletcher III

Campaign Manager Email:               

For a fill list of platform issues and questions I have  answered please visit:

  1. Please provide a summary of your background and the reasons you are running for office.

I am a castle Rock resident for almost 20 years, an IT professional with 30 years of experience, and a dedicated volunteer with the town for almost 10 years.

Professionally, I manage large scale technological initiatives, and my area of expertise is around building requirements, designing solutions and getting commitments and support from large groups of stakeholders.  I am used to dealing with multimillion-dollar budgets, complexly interwoven designs, federal and state regulations and compliance, and balancing needs of multiple customer types.

I am passionate about this town and have spent the last decade learning about the town, participating in volunteer activities, and being an advocate for the numerous initiatives I have been involved with. I am prepared for this responsibility and opportunity.  I listen to everyone, I embrace multiple perspectives and solutions. I evaluate data, and prioritize outcomes and deliver results, on time, and under budget. I approach every situation knowing that everyone has something to contribute, that not everyone knows everything, and that the most robust solutions involve participation and engagement of the stakeholders    

  1. What are the most important opportunities and challenges facing Castle Rock over the next four years?  
    1. Amongst these, which issue, or issues are the highest priority for you if elected?  Why?

Growth, Water, Primary Employment, Transportation (including congestion, commute times, mass transit, parking, and funding), Communication and Consumer Confidence are the items that Town Staff and residents have identified through surveys, open houses and other feedback mechanisms.  As a futurist, I would add Municipal Broadband to the list of something that the town needs, even if it is not aware of it yet.

I would prioritize items that have the biggest impact and that are more difficult and expensive to change direction on in the future.

Growth, particularly zoning, annexations, and amendments are hot topics that can have decades-long repercussions, as the voice of the town, it would be important to revisit discussions and expectations around these issues, so that investors and developers understand the needs of the Town now, not what promises might have been made 50 years ago that are no longer in the Town’s best interests.

Water, as a Town we are aggressively pursuing water rights and capacity to accommodate our projections.  We are transitioning from aquifer water to renewable sources. And we are keeping our rates flat as we move forward.  This is a model that the rest of the State, and even the West as a whole can learn from in terms of long-term planning.

Municipal Broadband, we need to investigate this aggressively.  Not only would a more solution make us more desirable for Primary Employer’s, but the Town could also become a haven for telecommuters which would have tremendously positive impacts on the town.  In 10 years the two biggest factors to selling your home will be your water bill and your internet speeds. This is an investment the Town is woefully behind on addressing.

  1. Land Use and Planning:
    1. It’s no secret that the Metro Area’s population is expected to grow significantly over the next twenty years. What is your philosophy on growth and development in Castle Rock and how do you intend to implement this philosophy if elected?

Here is my platform on Smart Growth:

To summarize, growth is necessary for Castle Rock.  The Town needs to better manage its role in guiding growth.  Citizens and residents have been concerned about growth for the past 20 years, some concerns can be addressed through better communication and education.  This is a topic that needs to be actively managed, and not something that is rubber stamped, nor stuck in development. Conversation with all parties, oriented to a better future for Castle Rock will increase our success and will make Castle Rock the desired location for residents and business, for years to come.

  1. Transportation and Infrastructure:
    1. Voters will see two competing initiatives on the November 2018 ballot to increase funding for transportation infrastructure. Which, if any, of these measures, will you be supporting and why?

My campaign is about Castle Rock issues, not State or National Issues.  I will not be, speaking or endorsing any candidates, initiatives etc.

In general terms, I support proposals that are realistic and practical, that solve problems and don’t defer them to future generations.  I support a government that understands the long-term needs of its community and support making the difficult choice, not necessarily the popular choice.

  1. Affordable Housing:
    1. Please provide us with your thoughts on any current affordable housing programs in Castle Rock and what you believe may be some solutions/best practices that help address this challenge.

Affordable Housing initiatives in Castle Rock have not traditionally been organized or funded by the town.  The few instances I am aware of are fun by non-profits, foundations or businesses with affordable housing being part of their mission statement.  To my knowledge, there are less than a ½ dozen “affordable housing” options within Castle Rock.

Affordable housing is a difficult problem for Castle Rock.  It’s a large bedroom community, with a high median income, a high property value, but a low availability of primary employment.  This creates a situation where most of our residents leave town to do their jobs, and the jobs here are so low paying they require people from other areas to commute to us to fill those jobs.  The residents in Castle Rock also view their homes as an investment and are highly reluctant to take actions they feel would devalue their homes.

The challenge is not only creating the right legal structures to support and encourage affordable housing but also funding and monitoring key objectives and results and maintaining transparency between the government agencies, the developers and impacted residents.

I would acknowledge that there are strong needs and strong values behind creating affordable housing solutions.  But how strong is the need, how strong is the desire, and what would the ROI and timeliness be for such an initiative?  How would competing but more popular options like Mass Transit solutions impact the support for affordable housing?

In short, I do not have an answer for this problem right now, but I know we need a conversation about it, and we need to make educated and transparent decisions before external forces dictate a Town response.

  1. REALTOR® involvement:
    1. What role do you see the Denver Metro Association of REALTORS® having in Castle Rock and how would you invite participation from our organization?

All Associations and Organizations with interests in Castle Rock are valuable partners.  They provide data, resources, and expertise. Partners should be invited early into conversations where their expertise and knowledge can help form opinions and policy.

  1. Campaign:
    1. What is your campaign strategy?

Transparency, Accountability and Communication

My campaign is all about having conversations about the issues that the community has.  My campaign is about listening to the community to truly hear the concerns, not just the sound bites.  And once I have listened, to show a vision forward, through Smart Growth, Smart Water and a Smart Community.   I have spent 10 years listening and learning. I do not plan to stop.

  1. What is your campaign budget and how much have you raised to date?

I prefer not to say what my overall budget is, I have raised just under $7000 to date with several large contributions still to come.

  1. Who is likely to be your biggest competition in your respective race?

Whoever raises the most money.  Both of my opponents are good men.  However, I am the only candidate who is sharing a vision of the future.  Both of my opponents look backward.

  1. Who has endorsed your campaign?

I have not asked for any endorsements.  I have declined endorsements and contributions that would present a conflict of interest.

  1. Would you accept an endorsement and/or contribution from the Denver Metro Association of REALTORS®?

Potentially, it would depend on the reasons for the endorsement and/or contribution.

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