District Overrepresentation

Today, I’d like to talk about a concern that has been shared with me numerous times over the past week.   With the town divided into six districts, and then an at-large mayor, won’t this create a double representation for a district?


When the referendum and petition for elected mayor started, this was one of several concerns people had with the approach being taken.  

Click HERE to see the new districts.

Downtown Castle Rock is the center of District 4.   Jason Bower is the current representative for District 4, his term ends in 2020.  Randy Reed and Jason Gray also both live in District 4, and Jason Gray is the owner of Crowfoot Valley Coffee, in District 4.  (How man council members have a business located downtown)

Over the past 3 years, approximately $10 million has been spent on Downtown special projects.  Castle Rock has 13 boards and commisions.  10 of these service the entire Town, and three are specific to Downtown only concerns.  Even within the Castle Rock EDC, 33% of the staff is dedicated solely to Downtown issues.

If you want a Mayor that can look beyond Downtown Castle Rock, there is only one choice.  Vote Charles Fletcher for Mayor.

what boards are current council members and caiddates currently serving.

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