Endorsements and Fundraising

I’d like to talk about my approach to endorsements and fundraising.  I think both have a substantial influence
over the American electoral process, some good, some bad, and usually


An endorsement is when a person or organization publicly says, “I
support this other person or initiative”. 
Endorsements usually so similar beliefs or approaches to
challenges.  They serve as a great way of
saying “If you liked X, then you’ll like Y”.

I think it is always important to look at who endorses and candidate,
and if that candidate chooses to endorse other candidates or clauses.

I did not ask for any endorsements. 
As I start my term as the first At Large Mayor I want everyone to know
they have a seat at the table.  I want my
community to know that I am a truly fresh voice that is advocating from problem
solving and addressing our problems or concerns in ways that have not been
tried before.  I am not going to solve
the issues like past or current councils do. 
The time and amount work a council has to do with overlapping four year
terms far outweighs the 2 month election cycle, and their ability to work
together is paramount to solving our Town’s issues.

The only endorsement I have given is for 5A and 5B.


Campaign finance has been a topic for many years now, from free speech beliefs
that corporations are people (they aren’t) to concerns about Citizen United and
obfuscation of donors.

The act of fundraising and asking friends and family for their financial
support to support my efforts to get my message out there was one of the more
difficult tasks I have ever had to do.  I
am truly humbled and appreciative of all those who have provided me support.  (And its not too late to show support, I still
have a few tickets left for my special event Monday
October 22

But there is always a perception that money given is in expectation for
future access, or for past support.  I
focused my fundraising efforts on friends, neighbors and people with whom my
message was resonating.  All of my large
donations are either from friends or family members.  I don’t want any of my supporters or
detractors to be able to look at my list of donors and have any doubts.


As you may have noticed, in my responses to the Denver Homebuilder’s Association
and Metro Area Realtors questions I did not explicitly state that I would not
accept endorsements or contributions.  I
did this because I did want to talk with them and I did not want to be any more
confrontational during the conversations with them than I already felt my
answers were.  Regardless of their choice
to endorse AND fund both my opponents, they are voices within the community and
I wanted to listen to what they had to say.

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