Thank You

Thank You Castle Rock

It has been my pleasure to listen and speak with so many of you over this campaign.  Thank you for letting me explain in depth my approaches to the concerns we all share.  Thank you for asking questions.  Thank you for showing up at events.  Thank You for Voting.

I am ready to provide a strong voice as we move forward.  No conflicts of interests, no quid pro quos, no financial entanglements.

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I support moving Castle Rock and Douglas County forward with implementing safe and voter-approved marijuana operations.  I believe this is an important issue that impacts the quality of lives of many residents.  I believe state and federal authorities need to solve many of their issues (summarized below) and Castle Rock needs to be part of those conversations. 

I am an IT professional with two young kids that go to school here in Douglas County. The marijuana situation in Castle Rock and Douglas County is an ongoing discussion that needs to better address the needs of all our residents.

We have a sizable portion that do not want marijuana in any way shape or form and want to maintain the status quo.  We have residents who view marijuana as an additional source of funding to improve and enhance the quality of services in our town.  But most importantly we have a population with legitimate medical needs.

If the only issues were revenue vs social stigma then it would balance out over time.  But with a population that has an immediate need, it would be irresponsible of a civic leader to not be willing to engage in the conversation to work towards a solution that can best address the needs and concerns.  

I don’t know what the nest step will look like.  I know that I would rather make a conscious choice about what that future looks like than just ignore the issue and hope it goes away.

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Growth Discussion from a Resident

When I see “smart growth” on your website it scares me, because what I see happening in Castle Rock does not look smart or healthy. I’ve only been in Castle Rock for one year, and in Colorado for two, so complaining about growth feels hypocritical, but I moved to Castle Rock for the small town feeling, and because it felt like a great place to raise my two sons. I would like to see it remain a small town and not turn into another Parker or Highlands Ranch. In the one year I’ve lived here I’ve seen everything explode in growth. Traffic is worse, and the natural area that we fell in love with here is disappearing, and all natural areas that are not parks are threatened.  I’m originally from Atlanta, and I saw every community for 50 miles plagued by traffic and soulless strip malls (my 17 miles commute took 1.5 hours). Most of those cities around Atlanta lost their appeal. The Atlanta area started to explode in growth in the 1990s, and I see it coming to the Denver area now.

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Transportation Question

Charles, I’ve lived in Castle Rock for the last 18 years and have seen rapid growth in the last 15 years. We have a big problem with transportation in this Town. I commute to downtown Denver and spend 720 hours a year commuting. Every day is getting worse on I-25 and Hwy. 85, it’s a parking lot that starts at Castle Pines. What are your plans to help the commuters with this major traffic problem? Do you oppose bringing RTD down to Castle Rock? I’m interested in hearing your views. Thanks in advance!

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Social Media in 2018

Social Media and all the noise that surrounds it is unavoidable, but very educational.

So first, because I don’t say this enough: If you like what I have to say, please like and share with your friends.  With 65,000 people in Castle Rock a few shares go a long way.  Please share all my posts, it does matter.

But the bigger question I get (or am texted, messaged, emailed) is why do I not respond to other Facebook groups questions, message threads etc.?

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