Home Builders Assosciation Questions

The Denver Home Builders Association routinely meets with elected officials throughout the Greater Denver Area.  Their Board meets with Candidates for about 15 minutes to talk about developer concerns.  Here are the questions I was provided with and the answers I gave.

I very much enjoyed my conversation with them.  They were very concerned about the increased schedule time when we started talking about my Smart Growth Strategy.  I was able to tie that back to their own self-stated desire to be more involved with municipalities when development and impact fees are being discussed.  Although they asked a lot of questions on the questionnaire, all we really talked about were their schedules and fees.

Update:  Apparently I was the only person that offered any resistance to their high growth, high-density agenda, as they provided over $5000 dollars worth of support to my opponents who have not provided any transparency on how they would manage growth.  The answer appears obvious to me, Randy Reed and Jason Grey support a continuation of growth with minimal resident and council oversite.

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Castle Rock News Press

Below is what I was sent to complete for the Castle Rock News-Press

Please answer the background questions and the five questions below that. When answering, it is important that you stick to the word limit posted to the right of the question. If your answers are too long, editors will trim them. Please return this questionnaire to us by 5 p.m. Thursday, September 13, and include a high-resolution headshot of yourself.

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District Representation

The citizens of Castle Rock who voted in the November 2017 special election overwhelmingly supported changing from an appointed mayor to an at-large directly elected mayor.  The process to make this change was a terrific reminder of the power of our legislative process, but it also highlighted some of the problems when a complex change has to be reduced to a referendum sized block of legal text.

According to the National League of Cities, there are three main types of municipal representation, At-large, district and mixed.  By adopting this hybrid system we are definitively moving in the right direction for Castle Rock’s future.

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Slander Begins!

Good evening,

I was made aware of some posts made on Facebook today that either has been deleted or that I am simply blocked from viewing.

The significance of these comments was that I was against the elected position and that I am disingenuous and self-serving for volunteering to serve my community in the new reality of direct elections.

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