Please Join me for this one of a kind opportunity!

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Smart Growth. Smart Water.  Smart Community.  Let’s Get Smart

There is a smarter way.  There is a smarter way to manage our community’s unique needs and character, and I want you to be a part of it. 

I have learned a lot listening. From small meetings, and town halls, to time on your porch steps and in your homes.  I’ve been listening.  Listening to you is how I realized the importance of our three core pillars for Castle Rock’s future.  Smart Growth.  Smart Water.  Smart Community. 

But I do need your help. This is the first direct election for the Town of Castle Rock.  I need your help to keep our message and our priorities in front of our neighbors. While any amount helps, please consider a donation of $50 to support printing and marketing efforts. 

A $50 contribution supports the movement we are building for a smarter path.  We will use your donation for printing and digital costs to get the word out.

I will not be accepting any contributions from organizations that could create a real or perceived conflict of interest. Outside money has already started reinforcing outside investment interests.

If collections exceed our campaign expenses, all excess funds will be donated to the Beier Family